Intermediate Conversational English : Informal Conversations

By Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism, Phuket Campus, Prince of Songkla University

Course Description

      This course will let learners grow their confidence in everyday speaking topics and listen to a range of conversational recordings in real-life English environments. They will be able to learn skills and shortcuts like a native English speaker.

Learning Outcomes

LO1 :To be able to confidently and naturally speak in English language on wide range of everyday topics.
LO2 : To expand students’ English language knowledge.
LO3 : To improve students’ English vocabulary using online activities.
LO4 :To be able to build English speaking skills.
LO5 :To enhance students’ English listening skills by listening to a native speaker.

Assessment and Evaluation criteria


Mr colin

Colin Gallagher

Assistant to the Dean for International Affairs and Student Development
Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism

Veronica Aguilos Jamieson

Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism

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