Cross – Cultural Communication English for University Students

By Global Affairs and Corporate Communication Center (โดย ศูนย์กิจการนานาชาติและสื่อสารองค์กร)

About the course​

      Practical English skill development in four dimensions: speaking, listening, writing, and reading, in that order of importance. Grading will be given on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis.


LO1 : to improve the general English competency of staff and students at PSU.
LO2 : to increase the international atmosphere on PSU campuses.
LO3 : to enable students and staff represent themselves and PSU better in international gatherings, social media and professional virtual spaces.

Measurement and evaluation criteria for the course


Miss Thamonwan Dankittikul

Business Administration Lecturers (English Program)
Faculty of Management Sciences

Creative commons สัญญาอนุญาตสิทธิ์

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