TOEIC Preparation Part 2:
Listening Comprehension

Course Description

      This course will focus on Listening Comprehension in TOEIC Test. The timing of the Listening section is largely determined by the recording, most of the skills and strategies that will be taught in this course focus on using the information presented in the test booklet to help students predict what will they hear. The course will delve into part-specific techniques in test-taking skills and strategies.

Learning Objectives

LO1 : Learner can identify the key features of TOEIC listening parts.

LO2 : Learner can be familiar with test-strategies to for TOEIC listening parts.

LO3 : Learner can identify common distractors used in the TOEIC listening parts.

LO4 : Learner can identify question categories and purpose of questions for Listening Part 2,3, and 4.

LO5 : Learner can be able to manage test-taking time efficiently.

Assessment and Evaluation criteria


Colin Gallagher

Assistant to the Dean for International Affairs and Student Development
Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism

Veronica Aguilos Jamieson

Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism

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