English for Communication : Intermediate

Course Description

This course will focus on intermediate level of English skills. The learners can identify, explain, and infer key messages and concrete information related to everyday topics in short reading and listening texts. The learners can use simple structures to respond to short written and spoken texts by providing information about lifestyle, job, and education.

Learning Objectives

LO1: Can extract essential information from the listening and generally identify the topic of discussion around him/her topic of interest and extract essential information from the listening.

LO2: Can use simple descriptive language to make brief statements and compare objects and possessions. Giving a simple description or presentation of people, living or working conditions, daily routines, likes/dislikes etc.

LO3: Can understand the main points of short texts dealing with everyday topics (e.g. lifestyle, hobbies, sports, weather).


Assessment and Evaluation criteria



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